maturing from overcoming possible problems and difficulties. The poet finds the answer to his question. The spectacle is one of incomparable force: Othello stands with a candle in his hand next to Desdemona, who lies sleeping under the protection of the night. What language does Othello use in his soliloquy? What was the value of laws to Cruso? According to the 3rdEarl of Shaftesbury, man has an innate sense of what is right and wrong, and virtue lies in ‘good breeding’, learning correct social behaviour from childhood. People should follow their destinies giving a meaning to their own life. She enjoys the company of men and has had five husbands, so she is ‘changeable’ and definitely ‘given to affairs of the heart’. Boxes: Macbeth’s change since the beginning of the play: After all the ‘horrors’ he has ‘supp’d with’, Macbeth does not know fear any more. 1381 Introduction of a poll tax by Richard II and Peasants’ Revolt The monarch had been chosen by Parliament, not by ‘divine right’. free from the influence of social conventions. At the beginning of the play he is a highly respected soldier. The new French barons obtained their land by becoming the king’s tenants and they paid their ‘rent’ in military services to the king. The stage relied on conventions using a limited number of props. / All the planes we flew / Good things we’ve been through’, ‘Everything I went through you were standing there by my side’, ‘A friendship turn to a bond’. Dante’s Satan (Lucifer) is physically monstrous, described in the Inferno as ‘the ill Worm’; Milton’s Satan takes several forms: he is first presented as a fallen angel who finds himself in a newly created Hell, and later in the poem he takes the classic form of a snake. audience. This world depends on potential, on something ever more about to be, and suggests the sense of possible sublime that art can communicate. concerned with the adventures of a young hero The three policemen said they were running an investigation to make sure that no violence had occurred. What kind of shots open the sequence? The plays took place in daylight, usually starting at 2 p.m. because of the absence of electric light. During Anne’s reign the Act of Union (1707) established the United Kingdom of Great Britain which united England and Scotland with a single Parliament in Westminster. The atmosphere of the whole poem is full of mystery because of the combination of the supernatural and the real, of dream-like, nightmarish elements and visual realism. ‘sommeils du matin’ (line 6). The West wind is the breath of personified autumn. of London had Tyler killed and subsequently the What did the writer realise when she returned to London? How is marriage presented? ‘Else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek’ (line 24). Shakespeare chose Venice as the setting of his tragedy. What takes place in the mind of the criminal. Find the expressions referring to the consequences of prostitution in the context of urban life. The goodness and generosity of the Creator. In the first and last paragraphs there is the voice of the omniscient narrator. 2nd section: From ‘Meanwhile in France’ to ‘Britain and Holland in 1793’. make an offer before her at church because she The red dragon, which is the emblem of Wales, has the colour of rage and violence while the white dragon, which has the pale hue of death, is the symbol of the Saxon invader. activity. prepared to fight back. January is a woman. In this way, we know that he does value her with strong positive feelings. Does he tell her his name? However, Napoleon’s victories in Europe were balanced by Britain’s supremacy at sea. who his first victim is; Duncan, the King of Scotland. How is the deal flexible towards developing nations? What is the general atmosphere of this room? 11.What do you think the target of Swift’s satire is in this passage? However, they do also have limitations: they may In 1818 they went to live in Italy, in voluntary exile, where Percy’s life was cut short by an accident: while sailing near Livorno, he was drowned during a storm. dignity. Why does Malala think ‘strong’ countries are actually ‘weak’? Tick the characteristics of the old ballad form it contains. Women were almost equal to men they could choose the man they wanted to marry and retained their own property. 1st section (lines 1-20): The dialogue between mother and son. Is that his real name? The Wife Define the poet’s attitude towards time in this poem. He seems excited in line 3 - he is not sure whether he will be sad or pleased to see the shore of England receding as he travels away. Education: Trained as an engraver when he was The sequence opens with a medium shot on Robinson, then a long shot is employed. What function does this literary technique serve? Suggestion: Because it allows to tell mythic stories that are kind of real but not completely real. What did he allow his wife to do the previous week? What did Gulliver learn among the Houyhnhnms? Why does Elizabeth reject him? the deaths of the two young lovers necessary to stop the fighting between their families. It is possible to infer the woman’s submission to her husband, her loss of freedom and independence after her marriage and the habits for a married couple of showing themselves around. Why did she feel restless? are potentially immortal; they survive on blood; about Elementi di fisica 2 mazzoldi nigro voci pdf … This justifies Prospero’s change of attitude towards him, Highlighted in grey:aknowledgement by Caliban of Prospero’s power: he submits to him but only out of fear. It was certainly effective for the Elizabethan audience, which was accustomed to use imagination. Prospero does not turn his gaze inwards, nor towards his immediate surroundings; he contemplates the invisible and the many phenomena of nature in such a way that the imagination of the listener opens onto horizons far beyond the limits of the actual plot. Mercy is described as light, soft and noble. She sharply replies that with 5,000 pounds a year it would not matter if he had warts. What role did imagination play, according to Shelley? His strong Christian faith, however, did not allow him to identify nature with the divine, in that form of pantheism which Wordsworth adopted. setting: influenced by the concept of the sublime, → place: ancient settings, like isolated castles, mysterious abbeys and convents with hidden passages and dungeons, suspense and mystery increased by: supernatural beings, like monsters, vampires, ghosts and witches, aim: to arouse fear in the reader with the threat of realising all the potentialities of the mind beyond reason, plot: often complicated by embedded narratives, characters: perceive the world around them as hostile, → hero: usually isolated either voluntarily or involuntarily; the wanderer or outcast wanders the earth in perpetual exile, usually as a form of divine punishment, → heroine: both afflicted with unreal terrors and persecuted by a villain. Ireland’. Because it always reminds men of the possibility of escaping from their earthly reality into the eternal world of art and imagination. The guards ask for blessing ‘God bless us’, and Macbeth, the murderer, cannot pronounce it. <> king and the religious authority of the Church of What does he hail? How are his characters usually related? What did they bring with them and what did they build? by his mother what he is going to leave to his Number of husbands: five Othello orders his wife to repent of her sins. How does it affect the sequence? He calmly says that Mrs Bennet’s nerves have been his constant companions for twenty years. What was Bobby’s life in prison characterised by? What word does not exist in the language of the Houyhnhnms? James, however, then married the Catholic Mary of Modena and became the father of a Catholic son who took precedence over Mary as James’s successor. His pallor is compared first to the whiteness of a lily, which is here associated with death, then to a rose which quickly withers. He was seen as a visionary prophet or as a teacher whose role was to point out the evils of society, to give voice to the ideals of truth, beauty and freedom, to mediate between man and nature. 1721 Sir Robert Walpole became the first Prime J.M.W. He considers himself as intelligent as God; he would rather be a king in Hell than a subject in Heaven. overseas. 8. what was buried in the barrow A treasure, jewels and necklaces were buried together with what had remained of Beowulf’s corpse after the fire (lines 24-25, 27-28). This meant that Latin was replaced with English and lay people took the place of monks and priests in these performances, which became known as ‘mystery plays’. So the king broke with Rome, divorced Catherine and, in 1533, he married Anne Boleyn. Final resolution: Act VOthello discovers he The thorn which does not bear blossom could not exist, so there is no place to dry the shirt. En él podrás encontrar libros impresos y electrónicos, tesis doctorales, comunicaciones a congresos, artículos científicos y de prensa,…y todo ello de una forma rápida y sencilla desde un único punto de acceso. What represents the element of continuity in man’s life? Caliban showed Prospero the beauty and fertility of the island and how to exploit it. the audience within the court Lines 20-33. The Romantics saw man in a solitary state, and stressed the special qualities of each individual’s mind. What was he only covered with? This is the best answer. The traditional portrayals of Jews as villains, mocked or marginalised. of Richard II’s reign, an extremely unpopular Performer heritage. Childe Harold is speaking in stanza II; a narrator is speaking in the other stanzas. Vehicle = rich jewel/snowy dove/holy shrine, The theme of Juliet’s with a forced re-marriage if they did not pay. Alfred promoted himself as the defender of all Christian Anglo-Saxons against the pagan Viking threat. How must Shakespeare’s plays be dated? the story; It was related to the world of tradesmen and to the Puritan ethics of the middle classes. They deprive him of his identity as a Jew by forcing him to convert to Christianity. You can rhyme ‘house’ with ‘mouse’ but not‘love’ with ‘more’. They could also lead other warriors in war - Boadicea, for example, was a warrior queen of one of the Celtic tribes who fought against the Romans. souls live in different gironi according to the sins When did the human imagination first create a monster and how do we know? How is the West wind called? How is Gulliver referred to in the text? How did the men try to help Jonathan? 7. He united Scotland to England and Wales 1st section (lines 1-13): First meeting between Hamlet and his father’s ghost. Heritage: study literature with history and cultural insights History and Culture, Literature and Genres, Authors and Texts: attraverso queste tre sezioni si sviluppa lo studio dei diversi periodi della letteratura inglese. In all creation man seems the only creature that is capable of feeling not at home, of wandering ‘lonely as a cloud’. The feudal Even if Romeo’s answer is uncertain, he has been influenced by Juliet and he is now ready to refuse his name. They meet at the Tabard Inn in London and are bound for Canterbury in Kent to visit the shrine of Thomas Becket. Swift’s family was of Irish origin but was forced to leave Ireland at the time of the Revolution of 1688. They hint at the suffering of hell according to medieval tradition. The word ‘monster’ comes from the Latin monstrum and means an exceptional phenomenon, prodigy or wonder. How did these inventions change working conditions? London, Tate Gallery. Since Duncan is the symbol of social harmony, order, justice and honesty, his death is connected with ‘exceptional natural events’. ‘To sleep’. He supported English rule in Ireland. He was buried in the Protestant cemetery in Rome. What does it mean? Memory is a major force in the process of growth of the poet’s mind and moral character, and it is memory that allows Wordsworth to give poetry its life and power. His preoccupation with sleep is both the acknowledgement of his lack of innocence and the end of natural living. Unlike Wordsworth, Coleridge did not view nature as a moral guide or a source of consolation and happiness, and he did not identify nature with the divine, in that form of pantheism which Wordsworth adopted. A succession of technological innovations transformed and improved the productivity of workers - some examples are Newcomen’s and Watt’s steam engines, Hargreaves’s Spinning Jenny and Cartwright’s loom. Suggestion: Although the Elfin Knight is supernatural, he seems to have found his match, so the girl, too, could have magic powers. How did the Church contribute to the development of culture? What was Elizabeth I like? Match the following sections in the sonnet with the corresponding lines. The alternative is a future which is neither fixed nor inevitable, therefore one that can be shaped by human activity. Pointof view, A lengthy and complex piece of prose witha series of events and characters. These ‘Ironsides’ were better armed and equipped they were mainly middle-class men who thought that God was on their side, and they were trained through hard discipline and collective prayer. Is it antithetical to the turmoil of his soul? What does Portia state in lines 33-38? 1337 Edward III claimed the crown of France and the Hundred Years’ War began F He made ironic, bitter proposals in his work A Modest Proposal. How did the relationship between man and nature evolve towards the end of the 19th century? Write down the lines where the ship is described. What was the Tudor rose like? What is the name of the magician who used to be Duke of Milan? of his French territories and the desire to Stage Why can fighting dragons be compared to initiation ceremonies? Therefore, the make-up Elizabeth wore for most of her life used to protect her delicate skin from a suntan. What do his words (lines 13-18) reveal about his character? Nevertheless, the first steps towards change through reforms were taken. He went to Brazil, where he became the owner of a plantation; then he went to Africa in order to get more slaves, and after being shipwrecked on a desert island, he gradually re-built the same kind of society as existed in his country, where the ideals of mobility, material productiveness and individualism were exalted. movable scenery at the back of the stage for the However, this play differs from the conventional comedy because in the end knowledge is not for everybody, but only for the two protagonists and, even then, not completely. Who ruled England during Henry VI’s mental illness? Performer Heritage ti guida in un affascinante viaggio attraverso la letteratura inglese.. Heritage: study literature with history and cultural insights. 3rd section (lines 29-32): The climax of the story: the knight and the lady kiss each other. Merchant’s profession and attitude. Even in the famous balcony scene Romeo links her to the sunlight, daylight and the light emanating from angels. Where does the tragedy take place? Why does she say that life is a journey? What are the most important themes? moved to Lerici, where one day Percy set sail in He changed the concepts concerning love and women. No unrelated content is introduced. He could scatter his words among mankind. He has come to keep a promise. Ring all the ‘w’ and ‘s’ sounds in stanza II. Explain the hidden meaning of the last line of the text. Write down the stages of the universal law of gravitation processing. only the poet’s verse will be able to defeat time Nature also represents a shelter from the disappointment and injustice of the ordinary world, the expression of his dreams and of his hopes for a better future. Who does he curse in lines 48 and 49? What were the principles of the short story, according to Poe? Tick as appropriate. by popular sources (allegorical types, vivid Who was the founder of this genre? The Mariner and his fellow shipmates are hardly characters in any dramatic sense. ‘break to new mutiny’ (line 3), ‘civil blood makes civil hands unclean’ (line 4), ‘fatal loins’ (line 5), ‘star-cross’d lovers’ (line 6), ‘misadventur’d piteous overthrows’ (line 7), ‘their death’ (line 8), ‘death-mark’d love’ (line 9). The ‘heavenly music’ and ‘Solemn music’ (line 25, stage direction) make us aware of the deep meaning of this speech of abdication, with its quality of ritual and ceremony. able to pay professional soldiers.

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