Our Navigo passes allow you to use the entire public transport network. Notes. Do you use public transport in Paris and the Paris region on a weekly, a monthly or a yearly basis? Previously you could only have one day pass per Navigo … Chartres is outside the Ile-de-France, not covered by Navigo pass.. Paris to Chartres trains are served by TER brand trains which require a TER ticket. Navigo passes are ok on 'mainline' /regional trains such as the TER semi-fast trains from Monparnasse to Le Mans mentioned above IF they stop at stations in the Isle de France region. Updated on 30 January 2020. You can go anywhere in the Ile de France on the Metro with a single ticket. The Navigo annual travel pass allows you unlimited use of the public transport networks in the zones you have selected. Answer 1 of 4: There is a TER train from Montparnasse to Chartres, and navigo passes can be used on TER trains, but Chartres is outside Zone 5. You may travel on all of the public transport networks in the Île-de-France region: metro, RER, bus, tramway and train, with the exception of Orlyval, SNCF train lines with reserved seating, and the Optile special fare lines. ; You can put both a Navigo Week pass and up to two day passes onto the same Decouverte card at the same time. As it's compulsory for every TGV, you cannot take a TGV with a navigo card. But, it's possible to take a national train between Paris ans Mantes, by exemple. Your Navigo pass, even if is good only for zones 1-2, will take you to the farthest reaches of the Metro in the Ile. We are planning a day at Disneyland Paris. Unlimited travel at a low cost. If there is a column at the beginning of the platform you should touch in, even if you didn't have to go through the suburban automatic gates. Navigo Pass, charged for all zones for one week or one month. I am planning to get the family Navigo cards upon arrival in Paris. RATP is just one of the agencies that run public transport in the Paris area, so you can also look for information in other places such Navigo (agency that manages the Navigo pass, French only) or SNCF Transilien (the agency that runs the suburban trains, French and English). It is my understanding the train ride from Paris to Disneyland on the RER A is covered with the Navigo card. You can use Navigo Decouverte on any Paris area subway/train/bus/tram type (with one exception) such as Paris Metro (subway, 16 lines), RER (suburban train, 5 lines), Transilien suburban trains (8 lines), trams (10 lines) and city buses (RATP/Noctilien/Optile). I already have our photos ready to go. So, would a Navigo pass work or … They’re the simplest and cheapest way to get around. Mobilis ticket (zones 1-4) that you can also use for the rest of the day in Paris, Ticket Jeune (zones 1-5, because they don’t offer zones 1-4) on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday that you can also use for the rest of the day in Paris. Navigo Jour is put on a Navigo Decouverte or Navigo Easy card; there isn’t a dedicated multi-use pass card just for this day pass. If I remember correctly, zones apply only to the RER and TER trains. ; You can now have up to two day passes on your Navigo card at any one time. In fact, it's possible to take a TER or a national train with a navigo pass in 2nd class, but only if it's a train for wich it's not compulsory to book a seat.

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